FRENCH POLISHERS IN Essex and the home counties


French Polishing describes the skilled application of shellac to a wood surface. The process of building up fine layers of shellac results in a finish that not only gives a brilliant shine but also a deep lustre that shows wood off to its best advantage. 


Traditional French Polishing is a labour intensive process which requires patience and skill; it is typically achieved over a period of time by experienced and accomplished tradesmen.


Historically, French Polish was applied to more expensive woods such as mahogany to provide the ultimate finish. Over time, more modern techniques have been developed, which are less labour intensive, but traditional French Polishing remains the most efficient method and continues to be the simplest way to restore the finish on furniture.

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There comes a point in the lifetime of furniture when it requires a level of restoration. This could consist of light cleaning to remove accumulated grime or a complete overhaul to restore the piece to its former glory. The finish to the piece may be stripped back and redone whilst retaining the original patination. Damage to areas of furniture will be repaired or replaced and matched in to the original finish using similar materials.

The restoration of furniture is carried out by highly skilled individuals using traditional and modern techniques and materials.

We can transform your tired looking furniture back to its original condition.


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